Senior Art Director based in Sydney – Australia

“I must take care in my craft – design, photography, motorcycles.  In absolutely everything I do.”

Experienced in creative concept and visual direction

Senior Art Director – Sydney

For the past 13 years Baptiste C David has been building a career across all aspects of design, illustration and photography.  Specialising in digital, brand identity and vector illustration has meant that Baptiste’s approach to work is always multi-screen, integrated and with a true understanding of contemporary audiences.

2016 - Now
Design Director
Redengine SCC
2016 - Now
Art Director
Engineroom Productions
Art Director
2012 - 2015
Digital Art Director

Baptiste grew up in Normandy, France where his appreciation of old-world aesthetics shaped his appreciation for the art.  While being a digital-native and self-confessed gamer means he is immersed in digital formats.  

Coupled with this unique approach to customer experience through all mediums Baptiste also has a focus on working with people. He has lead teams of creatives and designs in various Art and Design Director roles in both markets: five years in France and eight in Australia.

Baptiste is married with two beautiful children who inspire him each and every day to strive further than the day before.