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.redengine Group

Redengine was founded on a passion for creativity 6 years ago in Sydney, Australia.

Today, brands need to be move faster than ever before – customer attitudes are shifting, digital behaviours are fluid, and category disruption is the new normal. The agency had to create a change and adapt to thrive, evolving with a new branding.

Bold, Dynamic and precise.


Vivid Red

R: 240   G: 50   B: 65
C: 0   M: 95   Y: 80   K:


R: 27   G: 27   B: 27
C: 73   M: 65   Y: 65   K: 80



.secondary colors

The new brand Redengine is using a simple colour palet composed of a Vivid Red, Dark Greys and white.
A less vivid red can be used on some background, prefer the Vivid Red for copy and iconography. Use the Dark Colour for Full bleed background, fonts can use the Full black colour.






Gilroy Black




Gilroy Light



The Redengine logo needed to represent the evolution of the agency, creating a feel of Dynamism and energy with a solid base. The logotype manages to combine bold font with a negative kerning and a leaned approach to the graphic symbole giving an impactful visual and an harmony between Dynamisme and a Stability: Adapting to thrive.
The Red is more prominent giving a striking contrast with its background.

With social medias and the short attention span nowadays, the logotype needed a powerful graphic symbol to be noticeable without the full name. Following a unconventional grid to break the rigidity of the logotype, the badge represent the first letter of the agency. Letter and graphic that is consistent within the group. (Check Engineroom – Rebrand)

Badge should only be used when the support format is square-ish or the Brand name doesn’t need to be visible (Social Media Profile Picture, Favicon, etc..) The name of the Agency should always be pared with S.C.C for OOH documentation.

You can download all the logos in .PNG / .JPEG or Vector .PDF bellow.