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Photo took during the Distinguished Gentleman’s ride 2013 in Sydney. Freshly back from my Tour de France Motorcycle I raised money for the research against prostate cancer.

I know The DGR is usually for “vintage” bikes and my brand new Kawasaki was not the good ride… but as you know my CB750 is not feeling well and is quit far from Sydney anyway. Next year… I gonna have my own custom…

big Thanks to the people who helped me raise money! Merci beaucoup… All the Distinguished Gentleman in the world helped to raise $250,000 in one event… Awesome.

Here the video of the Sydney DGR 2013 event.

Official Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride – Sydney 2013 from Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride on Vimeo.

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Baptiste C DAVID

Co-Founder and Creative Director at DOUBLESTAR.CO and VP of chromatics at Compeld


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